Early Life-

images-1.jpegMadonna was born on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan. She lost her mother to breast cancer at age 6. She attended University of Michigan on a dance scholarship. She dropped out in 1987 to become a nude model. Her mother, Madonna Louise was of French Canadian decent. Her father, Silvio Anthony Ciccone was Italian American. She graduated high school as a straight-A student. Madonna worked many odd jobs including Dunkin Donuts and barely made enough money to get by. She joined the Alvin Ailey dance group. She was the third of 6 children. When her mother passed away, her father married the family's house keeper. She practiced the Catholic faith.

Beginning of her Career-images-2.jpeg

Madonna joined her boyfriends band and was a background singer and dancer for disco star. She began writing her own songs and performing at local dance clubs. DJ Mark Kamins was the first one to play one of her demos, Everybody, which became a club hit. Kamins introduced Madonna to Warner Brothers. They signed her for a record label shortly after. In 1983, her first album came out. Overall, the album was not successful on the radio but very successful in clubs. The song, "Holiday" from the album was number 1 on the top 20 chart. "Lucky Star" and "Borderline" were 2 of her first singles which she made music videos for. These videos showed her first "look." This came to be representative of part of the 80s culture. She worked with her first rock band, The Breakfast Club, in 1980. Madonna sang, played drums and the guitar in the band. She left the band that same year.

Madonna In Her Prime-

Madonna entered her prime with her second album and single “Like a Virgin” which both hit number one on music charts. She started to get acting roles for various shows and movies. She was a nightclub singer in Vision Quest and the lead in Desperately Seeking Susan. Her single from Vision Quest became a hit, as well as the soundtrack from Desperately Seeking Susan. Following her on screen career she performed on stage in Tom-Tom and Goose. Soonimages-7.jpeg after a controversy started over her "boy toy" image. ”Papa Don’t Preach” became a single about a woman getting pregnant out of wedlock which added to the controversy. Her “Like a Prayer” video caused the Vatican to sensor the video and Pepsi to back out of their endorsement. She later appeared in Dick Tracy with Warren Beatty and released the soundtrack of the film. This soundtrack included “Vogue,” “Rescue Me,” and “Justify my Love,” which was eventually banned from MTV. The 90s became a time of very controversial actions from Madonna her "Truth or Dare a behind-the-scenes Account of her Blond Ambition Tour", the X-Rated coffee-table book "Sex", her album “Erotica”, and her speaking out about AIDSs were among these actions. She founded record company Maverick with her manager which became part of a 60 million dollar, 7 year deal with Time Warner. Soon after she released the album “Bedtime Stories” containing a top duet with Babyface “Take a Bow”. After, she went back to acting in movies including “a League of Their Own”, “Four Rooms”, and “Blue in the Face”. She starred in the movie version of the musical “Evita” and won Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy. Her album, “Ray of Light”, containing “Frozen” won 4 Grammy Awards and “Frozen” was the first track to reach number 1 in the UK. She sang “Beautiful Stranger” on the track of Austin Powers 2: The Spy who Shagged me which won a Grammy for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television, or Other Visual Media. She later stared in the movie “The Next Best Thing” and sang “Time Stood Still” and “American Pie” which became an international hit on the soundtrack. Her 8th studio album “Music” was released and became her first number one album in 11 years since ‘Like a Prayer”. This album contained 3 number one hits ‘Music”, “Don’t Tell Me”, and “What it Feels Like for a Girl”. The music video for “What it Feels Like for a Girl” was banned from MTV and VH1 for vulgarity. Her fifth concert tour, “Drowned World Tour” was one of the highest grossing concerts tours of the year. During this tour she released her second greatest-hits collection “GHV2” debuting at #7 on billboards. Soon after she released “Die Another Day” the title song of the James Bond Film. “Die Another Day” was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song as well as for a Golden Raspberry for Worst Song. Her 9th studio album “American Life” was about her observations of American Society. She performed “Hollywood” in the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Missy Elliot. She also provided guest vocals in Spears’ “Me Against the Music”. She expanded her talents by writing 5 Children’s books and one of them became the fastest-selling children’s book in the U.S debuting at #1 on the New York Times best selling list. In mid 2004 she went on her “Re-Invention World Tour” which became highest images-4.jpeggrossing tour of the year. She then released her 10th studio album “Confessions on a Dance Floor” which debuted at #1. This album won a Grammy for “Best Electronic/Dance Album” and first single from the album “Hung Up” went to reach #1 in 45 countries earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Her “Confessions” tour in 2006 became highest grossing tour for a female artist to that date. In December of 2007 the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced that she would be one of the 5 inductees of 2008. Her 11th studio album “Hard Candy” debuted at #1 in 37 countries with lead single “4 minutes” that pushed her past Elvis Presley as the artist with the most top-ten hits. She went on her “Sticky and Sweet Tour’ which was her first major venture with Live Nation and was very successful. She received the Gold International Artist of the Year at the Recording Industry Association of Japan Gold Disc Awards for her album “Hard Candy”. “Celebration” was released as her 3rd greatest hits album and her closing album with Warner Bros. She appeared on the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards to talk in tribute to Michael Jackson along with few others. Madonna ended the 2000s as best-selling singles artist of the decade.Recently, Glee sang her music in their episode “The Power of Madonna” which was a huge honor. Madonna is an amazing artist and she was very influential and inspiring in her prime.

Personal Life-

images-9.jpegThroughout the 1970s and 1980s, Madonna dated Dan Gilroy, Stephen Bray, Jean- Michel Basquiat, Mark Kammins, and Jellybean Benitez. In 1985, Sean Penn and later married him. They separated 3 years later. She began dating Warren Beatty in 1989. In 1991, she dated male model Tony Ward. On October 14, 1996, her daughter, Lourdes Leon was born. Her son, Rocco, was born on August 11, 2000. His father was GuRichie. Madonna and Richie got married a day after their son's baptism. In 2006, she adopted David Banda Mwale from Malawi. In July 2008, she was suspected of having an affair with A-Rod. Both denied it, but A-Rod's wife filed for divorce in July. Released "Material Girl" clothing line with her daughter Lourdes. She is currently opening fitness centers. The first one is in New Mexico.

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